3.4 Ongoing Events for Growth

Ongoing Events for Growth

Generally within 18 months from beginning, most men’s ministries grow to a total number of approximately 50 men with around 20 to 30 attending each week. This typically this happens through word of month and personal invitation. Growing beyond that number takes a consistent and ongoing effort. Hopefully your Core Team leader for Development / Recruitment will be leading the charge here with some ideas for recruiting new men.

Some suggestions to help:

  • Strive to host at least one Men’s Ministry sponsored event per year. The Fall and Spring are often a good time for this.
  • Events are tailored to attract new men to the ministry but can also be directed toward families if the topic fits well: i.e. Effective Fatherhood is always a draw.
  • Remember when considering events and recruiting new men, wives are often instrumental in getting men to church and to participate in community events. Leverage this where you can.
  • Promoting events at mass during the announcements can help create broader awareness and build community sponsorship

Event ideas:

  • Fall- Monday Night Football Event with Pizza and Beer in the Hall
  • Spring- Pancake breakfast with a speaker presenting on a Faith / Spiritual related topic
  • Effective Fathering
  • Bring your Son to Men’s Ministry Day. The success of this prompted a repeat for a Wives and then Daughters day
  • Christmas Men’s Ministry Social, and other couples dinner events.
  • Men’s Ministry retreats.

Any of these event ideas provide an opportunity to invite new potential members and for the Core Team and the men to introduce themselves and say a few words about men’s ministry and the impact it is having on men’s faith lives. We have included more details on the structure and promotion of these events in our Resources section.