Our Mission

Our vision is to help men move more consciously toward ongoing transformation and conversion. To see their faith lives as more than a set of beliefs, doctrine or dogma they profess to agree with and be loyal to, but also as participation in community, lived experience and conscious personal relationship with God.

How We Work

A Men’s Ministry is a fellowship of men in a parish or congregation designed to enrich their relationships with God and apply their faith to their daily lives. We have compiled a simple model and method with all the materials needed to launch a successful Men’s Ministry.

Understanding the materials, methods and resources that make our model successful


Assembling a core leadership team and building sponsorship with men and clergy


Allowing the Holy Spirit to work within your group to begin to expand your reach 


Our comprehensive session materials are free of charge. All three liturgical year cycles are available along with feast day solemnities sessions and specific thematic sessions.

News & Resources

What We’re Reading: The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality 

People often ask me to explain what spirituality is exactly. A daunting question for many especially in our current culture.
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Save The Date: Advent Retreat

We will be gathering at the Jogues Retreat Center at Cornwall-on-Hudson, the weekend of December 2, 2022.
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Enriching Your Prayer Life with Daily Prayers

Most of us have heard how important prayer is to one’s spiritual journey through life. But the pressures of daily living and our busy schedules can often distract us from setting aside some time each day for lifting our hearts and minds to God.
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