Retreat Survey

Bob here with a questionnaire for our upcoming men’s spiritual retreats. 
Men’s Ministry is interested in expanding our men’s retreat offerings for next year and would appreciate your feedback. Over the years, we have received many positive comments about our retreat programs, and the importance it has had in deepening people’s spiritual journey. We hope to continue offering opportunities that are relevant, interesting, and engaging for men’s faith development.  Your time in answering these questions will help us to that end. Please feel free to email us any additional thoughts, questions or comments you may have. 
What is a retreat?  A retreat is a time for stepping back from the daily routines and distractions of work, TV and internet- overload to intentionally reflect on God’s presence in our lives. In an atmosphere of quiet and with the guidance of spiritual leaders, we are more easily drawn to personal and prayerful reflection and faith sharing discussions that can help us to become more alert to God’s presence within.