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Moving Testimonials

Jim T.

“Evangelization has been a recent topic at our Men’s Ministry discussion tables.  This conversation had always seemed somewhat esoteric to me.  Seeing men from our

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Joe C.

“Men’s ministry has meant so much to me these past many months. A refuge in the storm of everyday stresses, a source of strength to

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Glenn D.

“Thanks to Men’s Ministry, I have the opportunity to discuss daily experiences, from interactions at the grocery store to challenges at work to all manner

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Ray W.

“Being a part of Men’s Ministry provides me with perspective and insight to faith in my daily life.  It helps me to find points in my

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Charlie L.

“Men’s Ministry is my spiritual filling station. During the week as the hills get a little steeper, the curves get a little longer, and the

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Larry G.

“Men’s Ministry is a gathering of men where age, education, type of employment, and marital status are unimportant.  We are companions on the journey –

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Rich M.

“Simply stated, Men’s Ministry reminds me each week that I am not alone. It reassures me that, there are other thoughtful, moral, Catholic men that

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Gene R.

“I joined the men’s group last year.  I found a group of men that were honest & open and willing to share their faith experience. 

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Father Joe

“One of the things I like about my “job” is that people regularly share with me their spiritual journey, their faith, their questions about life

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Dave K.

“Men’s Ministry has grown to be a critical influence in my continued faith formation and development.  Our weekly discussions of the gospel and how we

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