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Father Joe

“One of the things I like about my “job” is that people regularly share with me their spiritual journey, their faith, their questions about life and its meaning and the things that really matter to them, which is to say, their “inner life”. I love to talk with people about these things and feel blessed whenever someone shares their “inner life” with me. It is not easy to talk about and it can be difficult to get the words to express that dimension of who we are, but it is such a rich experience when you do it. Many people (often women…sorry, but it’s true) will say that men don’t talk about such things. While I understand that opinion, I have had so many great conversations with men about such matters that I strongly believe that men want to and in fact do talk about such things. This is one reason why I initiated our Men’s Ministry group: to give men an opportunity to talk with other men about the things that concern them, the things that really matter and to do so in the light of our faith. It has been a great experience to both lead and be part of, to spend time with other men for whom faith is important and to grow in faith together through our conversations, reflections and prayer. (I also get some great homily ideas out of our conversations!)”


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