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Easter People

What does it look like to be people of the resurrection? Every Easter I ask myself what resurrection means for me beyond a belief statement. By that I mean, what from my own lived experience makes me trust that Jesus’ resurrection is a living reality right now, and not a one-time historical event?

As physical beings we are often trapped in narrow perceptions of how we see life. The lens we look through has increasingly become one of information gathering, facts and what we can prove, clearly the opposite of faith. We are losing touch with our ability to see spiritually.

Like the disciples we hide behind locked doors of fear, security, anger and judgment. Doors that close us off from experiencing moments of resurrection in daily life.

The risen Christ is always among us and resurrection means renewal. What kinds of personal regeneration, hope, or new life are you praying with this Easter season? What is resurrected life inviting you to this year? What new attitudes, service, or other actions could result from your belief?

Check out this wonderful meditation on expanding our understanding of resurrection

“The Resurrection of All Things” by Fr. Richard Rohr.


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