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Praying The Truth, William A. Barry

Any lasting friendship is a relationship built on trust, honesty and time spent with the other. As we get to know another person and trust develops, we gradually move through stages where we disclose more about ourselves, and who we are. Eventually we can feel comfortable sharing everything that is going on in our lives. In this way, we move past acquaintanceship into deeper and more meaningful friendship. With good friends we withhold nothing. Some people have friendships that span a lifetime. Think of the time they each have invested in the over the years to stay connected and to keep the relationship growing.

Our relationship with God is no different, and requires the same participation. That said, depending on how we were raised, there could be images of God handed down by our families that make it difficult for us to imagine a deep friendship with God.

If prayer is our primary way of relating to God, it becomes important to pray openly, honestly and express our innermost thoughts without fear. “Praying The Truth” examines this approach in a very straightforward and easy way, across a variety of human emotions and life situations. Some people say, I don’t need to share everything with God , God already knows. We don’t share what’s happening in our lives and how about it to inform God, we do it because honest sharing is what good friends do. This book can help you open to new ways of seeing your relationship with God, and to experience God’s friendship, healing and freeing presence.


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